torsdag 30 april 2009

Svininfluensa - ett biovapen för att reducera befolkningen?

Gör som 3 miljoner amerikaner, lyssna på Coast to Coast AM.
Sändning från den 27 April 2009

Flu Special:

On Monday night, George Noory returned to Los Angeles and hosted a special edition of C2C with examination and analysis of the recent swine flu outbreak. 2nd hour guest, Dr. Gary Ridenour suggested that this virus could further mutate and become even more dangerous. We could see mass school closings and work outages in the U.S., he said, and in a worst-case scenario, 5-15 million people could die. He estimated there was a 40% chance that the new virus was man-made, and was released either accidentally or intentionally.

Appearing in the latter half of the show, Alex Jones and Stephen Quayle both agreed the new swine virus was not natural. It's a "genetically altered bioweapon," possibly being "beta-tested in the field" to target specific races, Quayle contended. Jones cited experts in the field, pointing toward the virus being designed, and he noted how unusual it is for a flu virus to start out of season, and not come from the East.
Quayle suggested the virus may be part of a global plan to reduce the population, and that the mysterious deaths of microbiologists in recent years could be connected to this outbreak-- scientists who could help stop a pandemic were taken out. Jones posited the idea that flu fears could be deliberate hype by the government in order to distract the public from other issues.

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