torsdag 18 juni 2009

Snäckor hittade på Mars?

One thing that is common on Mars is anomalous or unexplainable objects. So many anomalies exist that it is difficult to classify some of them. This page will attempts to bring some of the most unusual ones to attention and then ask why NASA, being a meter or two from most of these objects, did not take the time to explore the most mystifying things we have yet found.

Fler bilder hittar du hos xenotechresearch

En ny typ av molnformationer upptäckt. Är chemtrails orsaken?

Meteorologists believe they have discovered a new classification of cloud after the unique formation has been spotted in skies around the world. Experts at the Royal Meteorological Society are now attempting to have the new cloud type, which has been named "Asperatus" after the Latin word for rough, officially added to the international nomenclature scheme used by forecasters to identify clouds.

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