lördag 18 oktober 2008

"The Largest Biological Experiment Ever"

by Arthur Firstenberg, January 2006, The Eldorado Sun

In 2002, Gro Harlem Brundtland, then head of the World Health Organization, told a Norwegian journalist that cell phones were banned from her office in Geneva because she personally becomes ill if a cell phone is brought within about four meters (13 feet) of her.

Mrs. Brundtland is a medical doctor and former Prime Minister of Norway. This sensational news, published March 9, 2002 in Dagbladet, was ignored by every other newspaper in the world. The following week
Michael Repacholi, her subordinate in charge of the International EMF (electromagnetic field) Project, responded with a public statement belittling his boss's concerns.

Five months later, for reasons that many suspect were related to these circumstances, Mrs. Brundtl announced she would step down from her leadership post at the WHO after just one term.

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