onsdag 6 augusti 2008

NOAH 12, Time Shifts and the Secrecy on 2012 (Oct 2011)

Insidan av Svalbards frölagerbyggnad

As of the 5th January, Project Camelot reports an interesting correspondence with an anonymous Norwegian politician according an accumulated Alternative 1/2 effort to hide about 50% of the Norwegian population in case of a massive threat of mass destruction.
Some 18 bases with mixed entities* will be used, among the base at Mosjøen which interestedly also has provided some anomalous phenomenas in its history as well.
The interesting project Svalbard Global Seed Vault does have some connections to this dilemma, in that Norway support it with a large amount of money.

“..In 2009 the government of FRP will come into power and Siv Jensen will be elected Prime Minister. This is already known. It’s important to understand that. The elections are all fake and the same persons and power elite get elected each time in turn. Look up the political history of Norway, and the people that run the country now..” ref

*“..When we came outside we were given goggles and asked to go through a security check. This is where it all gets weird.

There were guards with weapons all over the place… and remember I told you about the energy fields that one has to go through. I was thinking I should not be here at this place, and I was a little scared.

Then we got through this energy field and came to another room. I saw that there was a screen on the side of the wall that said HUMAN - NOT HUMAN - PURE - NOT PURE.

After I saw this I was thinking: Are there ‘NOT HUMANS’ too ??

At the energy field check-in there was a screen, which I mentioned before. There was a weird language on the screen. I have never seen this before. Underneath it stood letters that were like the ‘E’ I told you about - but the only thing I could read was HUMAN - NOT HUMAN - PURE - NOT PURE..”

“..Or it seemed like they were military, but they had different suits on them: orange and black suits with the orange suits having a golden triangle on them and the black suits having a green triangle.

* As far as I can remember the triangle went downwards, like a pyramid but facing down and had some weird kind of sign it it. To me it looked like the letter ‘E’, but the lines were not connected in the ‘E’ like we write the letter ‘E’. It was shaped like the ‘E’ and in the middle the letter ‘E’ was pointing inwards… not as in any language I can read or understand, and certainly not in Norwegian…”ref

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