onsdag 6 augusti 2008

Sedna: A Clue to Nibiru

Sedna is the name given by astronomers for the newest planet to be discovered orbiting the Sun. Although the details of the size of the planet are still being sought, it is thought to be about 1300 miles in diameter and could be of a similar size to Pluto. Given the Pluto is generally accepted to be a planet in its own right, Sedna becomes the tenth planet to be found orbiting the Sun.

NASA put out information about an announcement planned for Monday 15th March, to be given by Dr Michael Brown of Caltech (1). His team had recently discovered another large Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt object called 2004 DW, details of which were released in February (2). His team are using the recently launched Spitzer Space Telescope. At that time he made the following comment:
It's now only a matter of time before something is going to be discovered out there that will change our entire view of the outer solar system".

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